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High-Temp Superconductor Cabling AC-DC, Fault Current Limiters, D-VAR Reactive Compensation, and Solidstate Static VAR Compensators

American Superconductor

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Copperclad grounding conductor with anti-theft camouflaged appearance


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Distribution Automation, Remote Terminal Units, and Software

DAQ Electronics

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Bushing and Transformer Monitoring – Circuit Breaker Monitoring – PD Monitoring – Network Vault Transformer Monitoring – Data Visualization – Communications

Dynamic Ratings

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SF6 and G3 Gas Circuit Breakers, Disconnect Switches, Instrument Transformers (CTs and PTs), Air Core Reactors, Capacitors, and Power Sensing

GE Grid Solutions

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Battery Operated Cutting and Crimping Tools

Huskie Tools

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Substation Multiplexers, Digital and Audio Eleprotection Terminals, Telemetry Systems


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Media Convertors, Ethernet Switches, Secure Gateways, POE Devices

IS5 Communications

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Professional-Grade Tools for Cable Pulling, Locating, Wiring, Tree Trimming and Lighting



Tubular and Lattice Substation Steel Structures

MICA Steelworks

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ACSR Med. & High Voltage Insulated Underground and Overhead, Secondary Splices  Terminations 69kV - 500kV
Full Turn Key Installation Services



Handsfree Wireless Communication and Hearing Protection, On/Off Ambient Noise, Bluetooth and CV Radio Compatible


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LTC & Breaker Parts Kits, LTC Training Classes, Reverse Engineered LTC & Breaker Parts, Sm/Md/Lrg Transformers 2.5 - 1200 MVA to 345kV, Unit Sub Stations, Installation, and Dress & Test

GE Prolec Waukesha

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Data Concentration, Protocol Conversion, Unified Substation, Visualization & Control, and IED Management

Subnet Solutions


Material Handling Equipment, Pole Pulling, Ground Rod Drivers, Portable Pumps and Clamshell Attachments.



Digital PCS Energy Meters, Transducers, Isolation Relay, Load Profiling Recorders


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Load Break Equipment, Personal Grounds, Telescoping Sticks, Shotguns, Jumper Leads, OH & UG Tools

Utility Solutions

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Online Monitoring and Measuring of Large Rotating Machines


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Porcelain and Non-Ceramic Insulators for Distribution, Transmission, and Substation Applications 15 kV, 25 kV, and 35 kV, String Hardware

Victor Insulators

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